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Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet drying time?  The carpets are slightly damp after cleaning, and can be walked on with clean non-marking shoes (not with bare feet)  in about 30 minutes. Normal soiled carpets usually dry between 4-6 hours after cleaning.

How much furniture do you move?  We move most light furniture. Couches etc. can be moved by request.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?  The carpet manufacturing industry recommends bi-annually cleaning with truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment to obtain maximum lifespan of your carpet. Professional cleaning does not damage the carpet. (IICRC)

Should I vacuum before cleaning?  Yes, it always helps to pre-vacuum. 85% of dirt in your carpets is solids.

What is the black around the carpet edges?  This is called filtration edges. It is caused by an air gap between the wall and the sub-floor. Sometimes the filtration edges can be removed depending on how long they have been there.

What is the proper way to spot clean?  Spot cleaning can be done by spraying a mild diluted detergent on the spot, and then blot the spot with a clean white damp towel ( DO NOT RUB! YOU WILL DAMAGE THE CARPET FIBERS) Rinse out the towel and repeat as necessary .

What does ScotchGard Carpet Protector do?  Scotchgard puts a water resistant shield on your carpet, that helps prevent it  from absorbing spills that can turn into permanent stains. Scotchgard can be applied after cleaning for an additional charge.